This section highlights a non-exhaustive list of parameters and actions that the community can govern through the proposed governance mechanism. The Dawn LSD community is also encouraged to explore new horizons of governance parameters and actions as DAN expands support for new networks and ecosystems.

Protocol Economics

ParametersDescriptionCurrent Value

Minting Fees

Fee on minting of stkASSETs as a % of deposit amount (Independent for each network)


Service Fees

Fee charged as % of staking rewards after commission (Independent for each network)


Fee Distribution for verticals

Stakeholders amongst whom fee is distributed

Fee distribution %

% distribution of fee amongst verticals

DAWN Stakeholders

ParametersDescriptionCurrent Value

Addition / Removal of new validator

Managing independent validator sets for each supported network

Validator scoring parameters

Independent evaluation of each supported network

  • Existing delegation

  • Commission rate

  • On-chain performance

  • Governance participation

  • Data-centre decentralisation

Stake distribution strategy amongst validators

How assets deposited on Dawn will be distributed between DAWN validators

Equal distribution

Community Dev Fund Multisig members

Multisig members for allocation of community development fund based on governance

6/11 threshold signature signing

Community Dev Fund allocation

Foster community initiatives through development fund allocation

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